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Capital Plaza

Sheikh Zayed Street 13, Podgorica
+382 (0) 20 234 077
Home to the Hard Rock Café, Centreville Hotel, a Bonella supermarket and several floors of contemporary boutiques and offices, the Capital Plaza immediately set out to become a focal point in the city’s daily life and has in many respects achieved just that. Podgorica isn’t known for its expansive shopping streets so businesses tend to huddle together finding safety in numbers, malls like this become multi-purpose meeting places where locals shop, drink coffee, work out or have a haircut. It may not be as grand as Dubai or Abu Dhabi’s mega-malls but the Capital Plaza is a giant leap forward nonetheless.

Delta City

Delta City, Cetinjski put, 81000 Podgorica
+382 (0)68 878 637
Delta City is the capital's main shopping centre and attracts crowds on the weekends who come for its cafes, restaurants, Cinemax cinema complex, Maxi supermarket, hairdresser and, of course, lots and lots of shops. Big name brands such as Zara, Marks & Spencer and Nike, as well as more boutique fashion stores for men and women are all on offer here making this by far the most concentrated shopping hub outside of Porto Montenegro.


Square Mata Petrovića, 85 330 Kotor
+382 (0)32 335 380
Attractively housed in an old Venetian palazzo opposite Kotor old town’s fortress walls, the fashion and accessory shops in Kamelija carry mainly mass market Italian lines. On the ground floor, opposite the Maxi Exclusive - an upmarket version of the local grocery chain - you’ll find a newsagent that stocks several English print titles in summertime.

TQ Plaza

Mediteranska nn, 85 310 Budva
+382 (0)68 855 855
This 7-floor building covers a total of nearly 48,000sqm in a prime plot in central Budva. You may just about notice the vaguely shipshaped architecture before you enter, or possibly not. Once inside however, you’ll be met by intense halogen lighting and a selection of restaurants, bars, boutiques, banks, even some residential apartments above. It’s all rather anonymous yet practical when in Budva for more than a day. The outdoor bars aren’t bad either on a summer evening.