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Ostrog Monastery


Ostrog Monastery

Built into a vertical cliff face high above the Bjelopavlici plain, the 17th century Ostrog is such an impressive feat of engineering by any standards and deserves a place on the religious tourist’s schedule as well as that of culture lovers.

While its edifice was refinished in the 1920s following a fire, interiors reveal two intriguing cave churches: Upper Church, adorned with 350-year-old frescoes painted directly onto the rock, and Lower Church, established in the 18th century. There are also a number of interesting ancillary buildings, such as the monastic residences and the 1824 Church of St. Trojan. Dedicated to St. Basil, the monastery was founded by Bishop Vasilije – one of the four Montenegrin saints – and his remains are enshrined in its reliquary. The most popular pilgrimage in Montenegro, it also offers extraordinary views over the plain-site of a celebrated 1877 battle between Montenegrin soldiers and the Ottoman army that marked the last major offensive the Turks mounted in their failed attempt to conquer the country.

  • Admire the frescoes in the Upper Church
  • Relax in the square next to the monastic residences and enjoy the views over the plain

Just over two hours drive from Tivat on the Risan highway; Ostrog is a good place to stop on the way back from Durmitor or the Piva Lakes.