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The Montenegrin continental region is perhaps the most exciting part of the country yet often its most neglected by first-time tourists. Settled between the photo-friendly coastline to the west and soaring mountain ranges to the north, this is the heart of the country and where its capital, Podgorica, lies.

Just 30-minutes to the south of Podgorica lies Skadar Lake, the largest in the region and an area abundant in flora and fauna.

Biogradska Gora National Park, about one hour north of Podgorica, contains one of the few virgin beech forests remaining in the Balkans and along with its glacial lakes is one of the most scenic areas in Montenegro.

Kolasin ski resort is not far off becoming one of the premium winter destinations in the region and is increasingly seen as a viable summer adventure sports hub too.

Further North the Tara Canyon converges near the mountain town of Zabljak. Offering white-water rafting, scenic hikes, mountain biking and several year-round activities, it is worth a visit year-round.

Finally, for a little history and culture, stop by the Ostrog Monastery, between Podgorica and Zabljak, where this unique edifice is literally carved into the mountainside.