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Sveti Stefan

sveti stefan

Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan is most commonly associated with the iconic island connected to the mainland by a narrow corridor. Today this is the ultra luxurious Aman Sveti Stefan resort and, while parts of the site are still open to the public, access is restricted to the island in order to protect the privacy of resort guests.

The residential area around the resort has recently received a boost in desirability and looks set to continue on its upward trajectory as it is just far enough away from Budva not to be disturbed by its summertime buzz, yet just close enough to feel connected to the pulse of the city too. All those superyachts anchored in the Bay know a good thing when they see one.

In the 15th century the island was a fishermen’s village and in the 1950s the last residents of the village were evicted, making way for Sveti Stefan to be transformed into a luxury town-hotel. The streets, walls, roofs and façades of the buildings were, for the most part, preserved, while the interior of the building were transformed to offer modern luxury comforts. Then in the 1970s, the destination became popular among Hollywood celebrities including Princess Margaret, Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren and Kirk Douglas. It later saw a decline in fortunes as the A-List moved on and remained neglected until a group of Greek investors brought in the Aman group from Asia to help restore it to its former glory.

  • Indulge in a spa treatment at the Aman’s spa centre
  • Park yourself on the terrace of the Aman’s Olive Tree restaurant and take in the view of the iconic island in the background
  • Lounge on two of the prettiest pebble beach coves on the coast, one that is privately maintained by the Aman yet open to paying guests, and another that is a lot less pristine but charming nonethless