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Lido leisure

Montenegro may not have the big city lights of some destinations but it does have a handful of popular casinos and nightclubs as well as an emerging luxury industry focused primarily around the nautical sector and the Bay of Kotor.

Throughout the summer months is when the nightlife is at its best, predominantly in the bigger cities of Budva and Podgorica. From hip bars hidden amongst the old city streets playing deep soulful beats, to big party places playing commercial chart hits, there’s ample choice and lots of energy.

Another popular feature of the summer, is the beach clubs that pop up along Montenegro’s coast line. Open all day, offering sunbed service, fruity cocktail menus and light dining options, you can sleep off the night before or prepare for the night ahead with chilled tunes and idyllic surroundings.

The casino’s in Montenegro are mostly operating as part of hotel resorts and attract a steady stream of visitors from Italy and Russia throughout the summer and winter. Keep an eye on the new resort developments, especially along the coast which will include new casino’s in the coming future.