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Astoria Kotor

Trg od poste Old Town Kotor 322
+382 (0)32 30 27 20
The Astoria is an unexpected treat for those looking for a boutique hotel option in Kotor’s old town. Not only does it have a splendid outdoor restaurant terrace serving everything from Thai to Italian dishes, it also has a pleasingly quirky interior. Rooms are generally spacious and tastefully decorated, while oversized tables and chairs in the communal areas are matched with faux tree features, amorphous glass light shades and underfloor lighting. It shouldn’t make sense but somehow it does, as the popularity of the hotel bar attests. We give full credit to the Astoria for daring to be different, without compromising substance for form.

Hotel Cattaro

Stari grad 232, 85330 Kotor
+382 (0)32 311 000
The Hotel Cattaro (meaning 'Kotor' in Italian) overlooks the old town's main square and has 17 understated rooms that are unlikely to win any prizes for design yet do feel unashamedly authentic, which counts for a lot here. It's real magic however lies in the combination of the Citadela café / rooftop bar that offers fabulous views of the old town in summer and the adjacent Maximus nightclub, the only real late night option in Kotor. Taken as a whole, the Cattaro has a lot to offer.

Hotel Hippocampus

Kotor Apss, 85330 Kotor
+382 (0)78 106 160
Part of the nouvelle vague of 'modern Montenegrin' hotels currently breathing new life into the country's hospitality scene, the Hippocampus mixes deep colours with rich fabrics to create a sumptuous yet undeniably quirky aesthetic. The restaurant, is one of the best options in town, especially when the rooftop terrace is open. Out of season, diners eat indoors on the ground floor and have the option of a pleasant wine bar right next door for a pre or post-dinner drink.

Hotel Vardar

Old Town Kotor 476, 85330 Kotor
+382 (0)32 32 50 84
A reliable favorite with a prime location on Kotor’s main piazza, the Vardar is hard to beat when you need somewhere safe, comfortable and business friendly. The 18 rooms and 5 suites are fairly spacious and designed in a classical style with plenty of modern conveniences. A 45-person conference room is a useful addition given the growing number of international corporations based around the Bay of Kotor, and the small gym comes in handy on those rainy winter days. An indoor cigar bar will also be of interest for some; the anti-smoking lobby has yet to take hold in Montenegro. The Vardar’s owners also have Galeon restaurant under their tutelage, located just outside the old town offers excellent fish and seafood with views of the Bay and old town walls. Perfect for romantic dinners.

Villa Duomo

Stari grad 385, 85330 Kotor
+382 (0)32 323-111
The Duomo isn't going to win any prizes for interior innovation but its competitive pricing, old town location and live piano playing in the restaurant mean it remains a reliable favourite. Foreign visitors often leave charmed by its town centre location allowing them to completely absorb the atmosphere of Kotor's historic walls.