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Food & Drink


Food & Drink

Cosy, family-run rustic restaurants serving up high quality, simply prepared Mediterranean-style food at reasonable prices are the norm all along the coast and offer a refreshingly authentic experience, blissfully ignorant of foreign spices and herbs.

Montenegrin restaurants tend not to veer too far off the beaten path, so while the coastal cuisine is dominated by grilled fish and seafood, inland a visitor is more likely to find lamb, beef and veal. Throughout the country vegetables and salads are also in abundance however meaning vegetarians are surprisingly well catered for, if occasionally misunderstood!

Any meal with a local will likely involve some rakija at one point or another. This local version of grappa is a potent fruit brandy typically based on plum or quince… it also comes with a health warning for the uninitiated. Other must-try delicacies include the local ham, or ‘prsut’ – a dark, smokey ham with an intense flavour, often served alongside local cow’s milk cheese that has been marinated in oil. If you are lucky, that oil will come from one of the many producers in the south of the country near Bar, Montenegro’s olive oil mecca.

Wine in Montenegro meanwhile is a small but developing industry, dominated by the Vranac varietal, a dry red wine with 14-15% alcohol and an intense flavour best suited to hearty meat dishes. Plantaze is a state-owned vineyard that produces a number of popular omnipresent wines but it is worth hunting down the smaller labels too. Boutique wine bars have just started to pop-up in Tivat, Kotor and Budva in a sure sign of good things to come.